Bobby and Clairice  are both veterans of the United States Army and  believe that veterans and their families deserve the best mental health treatment and career services available.  As a veteran  and a Licensed Professional Counselor, I find myself in the unique position of being able to assist other veterans and their families with their mental health needs. As an educator of 20 years and a veteran, Dr. Allen is able to utilize his skills as an educator to assist veterans and their families in obtaining their educational and career goals.

Who better to assist a veteran than another veteran? We understand the military culture, which includes the people, customs and traditions. The military is unlike any other job or career; it produces a distinct set of pressures for members and their families. Therefore, veterans are more apt to open up to other veterans about the challenges that they are facing on a daily basis.


Counseling/therapy is provided for veterans and their families. The therapists utilizes the holistic approach in assisting the veteran and their families who  are experiencing an array of concerns and issues.

In an effort to assist veterans who are unable to afford mental health care, I have partnered with Give An Hour to provide pro bono counseling sessions for veterans and their families.

Correlation of MOS Skills

Matching military skills and experiences with civilian occupations.

Basic Computer Skills

Using a mouse to point, click and double click. Keyboard and typing tips. Opening and closing software files. Accessing a CD-ROM. Locating a saved file. Elementary level Microsoft usage.

Internet Basics

Email set up account and basic functionality. Setup professional social media page (Facebook, LinkedIn.)

Resume Writing

You will learn when to use a resume, tips for a good resume, selecting information for your resume, resume outlines and examples as well as cover letter.

Job Search Outline Plan

Plan of action in which you outline the steps for searching for a specific job. This plan will be flexible and it will consist of what you want to do and how you expect to do it.

Mock Interview

A mock interview will help you improve your interviewing techniques. You will be given feedback and coaching on your performance.

Employment Barrier Assessment

Identifies key challenges and obstacles that prevent you from conducting successful job searches or succeeding on jobs.

Follow Up Support

We’re still here to assist you, even after you start your job, from coaching to problem solving.

Mock Interview

A mock interview will help you improve your interviewing techniques. You will be given feedback and coaching on your performance.

Soft Skills

Soft Skills are personal attributes and characteristics that enable you to interact effectively and peacefully with others. These skills include, but are not limited to; coping, communication, creative thinking, being a team player, flexibility, self-confidence, flexibility/adaptability.

Continuation of Services

As long as you can benefit from Reach 2 Empower, Inc. services, we welcome you to call upon us. If you lose your job, you can receive support in finding another job.

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